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10/05/22 Music singles for Eden Myrrh are on; YouTube, Amazon Music, Reverbnation, Spotify, FB Music, Bandcamp & others. Please subscribe to our channel. Lost Anthology is available with a copy of Gus Monsanto’s – Karma Cafe. I wish to also ‘Thank’ all the Radio stations who have picked up our singles.

9/22/22 Eden Myrrh is featured in the recent issue of The Metal Mag No* 49. Gus and Nikko both do interviews and a review of Lost Anthology also included. A huge ‘Thanks’ to Franck for his friendship. Also a shout out to everyone who has purchased a copy of our music. Many have conveyed how well the songs were composed/played. When you get a chance, check out this very cool magazine on PDF or Printed versions. A ton of great interviews from established and new artists. Treat yourself to a great read, and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Nikko enjoying the summer and a great read.

8/1/22 A huge HUG & Thanks to Amber Lynn & Joe for their interview. Another longer one is being scheduled. Another announcement made soon on future interview with Amber. We are featured in the new issue of The Metal Mag from France. Thanks to all the radio stations for their support and playing our songs.

Amber Lynn

6/27/22 We just released our 3rd video ‘Dead of Winter‘ for Lost Anthology, now available worldwide. Very happy to announce that Rock Stakk Records in Osaka, Japan has copies. Please go to the orders page for processing. If PayPal will not work for you there are other options. Please send message via contact form. Each order now receives a free copy of Gus Monsanto – Karma Cafe cd. This is our recent review. Thanks for all your support.

2/22/22 🎼 Promo videos for Lost Anthology are out. In the fall we released our first lyric video Valiant. Now completed is the second lyric video The Last Children. Jayme and Gus Monsanto did a great job in the mixing/mastering process. Also I would like to ‘Thank’ Gabby Vessoni for doing a awesome job on the videos. Stay tuned… Lots happening and surprises in the works. Cheers!

2/9/22 We remember our brother and co-founder Todd J. Kulessa. Who sadly 20yrs ago said ‘Goodbye’. You will never be forgotten and live on, through the music. Rest in Peace Brother.

Taken April 2000 in Edmonton, AB

10/31/21 Halloween is a important day for me. Back in 1986 I bought my first guitar. Sold to me by my good friend Darwin. Who happened to work in the local music shop. Tonight, I celebrate 35yrs as a guitarist and I am doing a Interview for Lost Anthology this evening. I am super proud of how this set has come together. I have a special day picked very soon for its release. Cheers!

8/13/21 TIMELESS celebrates 10yrs.

5/16/21 Today, 30 years ago we released the E.P. In celebration I uploaded ‘Shining Knights’ with Todd’s solo, recorded in 1998. In 1991 we had recently purchased a Vestax MR300. The 4-track allowed us to put down some of our songs. When we did the E.P. it was not so much a music release to promote. We had created it to let other musicians listen to our style & start working with others, on building the songs up. So it is a cool, yet rare release. Thats why in assembling ‘Lost Anthology’ I felt it important to include it as cd 4. We had alot of fun putting it together. I miss those days and most of all… I miss you Brother. Cheers!

4/13/21 Nikko did a interview in the new issue of… The Metal Mag N°41 January / February 2021. Discussing past & present details regarding our plans. 4ots of cool articles & other interviews, with cool acts in the music scene. The printed & pdf. copies available at A huge ‘Thanks’ to Franck…Cheers!

3/6/21 Looking back to 1991. I seen my favorite band for the first time in Winnipeg. I also had won tickets on the Monday Midniğht Metal Shop show on 92 Citi fm. A bunch of us went to see them play in the old Arena… ‘The Barn’. The opening act Anthrax kicked ass. Maiden put on a great show. Awesome night & lots of cool memories.