We have some really killer songs. 47 of them are in the 4cd set called LOST ANTHOLOGY Enjoy the videos. All orders go to the CDslink. All Box sets are signed by Nikko. Cheers!

Den of Angels is one of our NEW songs in 2020.
We wrote the music in 1998. The lyrics were added in 2000 and Gus finished the verses in 2020. This song is covers addiction, depression and other issues, millions deal with each day.
Our World is changing quickly. From Wars, AI threats, Climate change and more. If we dont change direction. Were in for a ugly ending. One of our newest songs.
Heaven in your Eyes was composed in early 1991, by Todd Kulessa & Nikko. The song is the same as original. With a new solo by Nikko.
Valiant was originally a instrumental. Composed by Todd Kulessa & Nikko in 1987. We were calling musical endeavour Valiant. Gus helped make this a complete song in 2020.

Lost in Time – B-Side from cd3 of LOST ANTHOLOGY. Todd J. Kulessa & Nikko jamming in Edmonton 1998.