Lost Anthology

Released on March 7th 2022. Lost Anthology is a package of 4cds covering 30yrs of writing. Read the Bio


This album is more structured around vocals than the ‘Eden Myrrh’ instrumental. Our Dark Acoustic songs era 1995-98 & 2017-20. This is cd 1 of Lost Anthology
1. Welcome the Pain 
2. Insurrection of the Soul 
3. Out of the Darkness 
4. Angels Cry 
5. Heaven in your Eyes 
6. No other Angel 
7. Sail to Sunset II 
8. The Anger Inside 
9. Child in the Dark
10. Dead of Winter
1. Memories

Recording these songs are being done at the same time as ‘Insurrection’. This music is our “Crank it Loud’ era from 1997-2000 & 2017-21. Included are 4 NEW songs.  This is cd 2 of Lost Anthology.

1. Marching Out!
2. Den of Angels
3. And Fire for all my Friends 
4. The Last Children 
5. Valiant 
6. Storms of the Mind
7. Hell Driver 
8. Demon Song 
9. Shining Knights
10. GOG 
11. I’ll Never Forget – (Acoustic version)
12. How its Gonna End
13. A Drink with Us…!
Issued on cassette  August 13th – 1993

The re-recording was completed in 2013 for its 20th yr Anniversary. This is cd 3 of Lost Anthology.

1. Prelude 
2. Heavens Wish 
3. The Temptation 
4. Darkness Calls 
5. Eden Myrrh II 
6. Fading Dawn 
7. In Labyrinth 
8. Dreaming 
9. Interview with Jules
10. Crystal Angel
1. The Haunting 
2. Lost in Time 
3. Haunted Visions II
4. Unruly Bastards 
5. Farewell

Released on cassette  May 16th – 1991

E.P. – 20th ANNIVERSARY EDITION *For the die-hard fans… The Re-Mastered 20th Anniversary Edition of the original E.P.  This recording has long been forgotten.  I cleaned and EQ’d it up. This is cd 4 of Lost Anthology.

1. The Message
2. Darkness Calls
3. Lonely Nights
4. Marching Out
5. Haunted Visions
6. Dreaming
7. Shining Nights
8. Interview with Jules