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10/22/21 I want to address how our progress is going. Last year we had some issues with the mixing. We re-started again in May, with excellent results. I was very proud when we released our first lyric video Valiant, which now has a new mix. I want to thank first, the band members, Gus, Trent & Guy who helped bring these songs to life. Jayme and Gus Monsanto are doing a great job in the mixing, which is now in the final stages. Also I would like to ‘Thank’ Gabby Vessoni for doing a awesome job on the video. We are now working on lyric & EPK videos. We’re glad to announce that Bebeto Doraz (art illustrator) completed the cover art for Lost Anthology. A 40+ page illustration book is in the works. Stay tuned… Lots happening and surprises in the works. Cheers!

Eden Myrrh 35yr Illustration book.

8/13/21 TIMELESS celebrates 10yrs.

5/16/21 Today, 30 years ago we released the E.P. In celebration I uploaded ‘Shining Knights’ with Todd’s solo, recorded in 1998. In 1991 we had recently purchased a Vestax MR300. The 4-track allowed us to put down some of our songs. When we did the E.P. it was not so much a music release to promote. We had created it to let other musicians listen to our style & start working with others, on building the songs up. So it is a cool, yet rare release. Thats why in assembling ‘Lost Anthology’ I felt it important to include it as cd 4. We had alot of fun putting it together. I miss those days and most of all… I miss you Brother. Cheers!

4/13/21 Nikko did a interview in the new issue of… The Metal Mag N°41 January / February 2021. Discussing past & present details regarding our plans. 4ots of cool articles & other interviews, with cool acts in the music scene. The printed & pdf. copies available at A huge ‘Thanks’ to Franck…Cheers!

3/6/21 Looking back to 1991. I seen my favorite band for the first time in Winnipeg. I also had won tickets on the Monday Midniğht Metal Shop show on 92 Citi fm. A bunch of us went to see them play in the old Arena… ‘The Barn’. The opening act Anthrax kicked ass. Maiden put on a great show. Awesome night & lots of cool memories.