Lost Anthology

I had this idea of a box set of music for awhile. A package of 4cds covering 30yrs of writing. I released TIMELESS in 2011. I had a positive response to it. Plus I felt the drive to complete music and finish what we had started years ago. It was a task that would take a number of years to complete. Mostly issues with finding dedicated musicians. That’s a story unto itself. More details are in the Bio section.

I found a solid drummer in late 2017 with Guy Anthony. After 3 sessions, involving 23 songs. Trent Oleksiuk was able to complete Bass. Nikko then began the recording of guitars. We still didn’t have a vocalist. Some attempts were made, but the chemistry wasn’t right. In 2019, I was contacted by Gus Monsanto, a singer from Brazil, with a impressive resume. He had watched a video I had posted on YouTube, that we needed a vocalist. Nikko & Gus struck up a good friendship and began the process of recording in April 2019. We are halfway through mixing 23 songs. Looking for release in May 2021.

It was extremely important to find the right vocalist. There was some writing that was needed to complete some of the songs. Gus came in and did a stellar job. He is a extremely gifted composer.